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Children (and adults!) with Junctional EB

  • Alexander Cebelenski was born August 9th, 2009 with Junctional EB non-herlitz. Alex lives in GA with his mom, dad, and two big sisters Samantha and Anna who are EB free.

  • Jesse van Zijp was born August 19, 2002. He lives in The Hague, The Netherlands, with mommy and daddy: Kim and Jack van Zijp.

  • My name is Muhammad Shaheer from Faisalabad Pakistan and I am almost 2 years old. My parents say, I' m a very brave boy as I have EB junctional. All my body is wrapped in bandages from head to toe.

  • Janay Jones was born on January 11, 1981. She was diagnosed with the Junctional (Non-Herlitz) form of EB at two weeks old. She lives in Florida with her family, she is the oldest and has a brother, three half-sisters and a step-sister, neither of them have nor anyone else in the family has EB.

  • Brittany Dorman was born November 7th, 1991 and her little brother Kenny was born October 22, 2004. Both have the Junctional form of EB (subtype unknown) and live in Dunkirk, New York along with mom and dad: Cathy and Ken and their sister Andra, EB free.

  • Evan Groves was born 9-11-08 he has Junctional EB. He lives in Covington, VA. with his mother Christian Groves and he has two sisters Chyanne 9 and Hannah 5 they are EB free.

  • Faith Lynn Smith born June, 11 2000. Faith was born with Junctional EB and is pictured with her mom (Terri), dad (Doug), and brother (Cal who is EB Free). Faith lives with her family in Woodville, WI.

  • Ramsey Kendall White II was born on April 19, 2005. He is believed to have Junctional EB. We live in Florida. He has a sister, Rachael Kinsey White, who is EB free. He has a pet puppy named Roxy. His favorite thing to do is look in a mirror and talk to himself. Parents names are Ramsey and Rebecca.

  • Jeffrey Thomas Bradley was born February 2, 2000. He and his big brother Christopher have the Junctional Non-Herlitz form of EB and live in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

  • Christopher Bradley was born on April 3rd, 1993. He and his little brother Jeffrey have the Junctional Non-Herlitz form of EB and live in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

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