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If you would like to link to EB Info World, you can help educate others about this devastating and life threatening skin disorder. We have a dream, we need a cure!! Knowledge is power!

I would prefer if you used the ribbon graphics, but you may use any one of the images

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More blinkies and adorable Dollz available for adoption to raise awareness for Epidermolysis Bullosa are available at Cristina’s Castle website! Go take a  peek!!

Here are some questions I get all the time.

  • Why is the ribbon red?
  • Won’t the ribbon being red confuse people since red is associated with AIDS?
  • Since the ribbon is red like the one for AIDS, won’t people think that EB can be caught because we have the same ribbon color?
  • Can we change it?


First, I have to say that when I picked the ribbon for this website back in the late 90s, it was not my intention to pick the ‘official’ ribbon for EB. I knew EB did not have a ribbon and wanting to find a ribbon color for this website, red seemed the most obvious choice because of the wounds, blood and pain associated with EB.

I still like and stand by my choice. A ribbon that is white would not symbolize the pain, a ribbon that is gold would not symbolize the wounds and a ribbon that is blue would not symbolize the blood, only red accomplishes this in one big swoop.

When the red ribbon color for EB spread like wildfire and EB started getting indexed under ‘red’ all over the internet I was as surprised as anyone. Wether that is ‘official’ now, I will leave it up to anyone’s interpretation, but it will still remain the official ribbon color for EB Info World.

Every color is associated with a more well known cause and that should not be the reason to change it. For example, pink is more well known for breast cancer awareness, yellow with ‘come home’, dark blue with child abuse etc. EB being as rare as it is will never be recognized on its own just for the ribbon color, that’s why it wasn’t an issue with me to have the color confused with anything else when I had to pick it.

I really doubt anyone would jump to the conclusion that EB is something that it’s ‘caught’ like AIDS is just because we share the ribbon color. As long as the words EB or Epidermolysis Bullosa appear somewhere near the ribbon, it will invite questions and

curiosity, not prejudice.

Can we change it? I will not change it for this website, but anyone is free to use whatever color of the rainbow they please.

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