Free EB Awareness Incredimail Letters

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Incredimail is a FREE graphic email program and you may download it HERE…

Please Respect the Creator and do not tear my work apart to make Tags or Letters for IM or OE or others and claim as your own.

Stationary Shared, Images are not. Images are from the www or stated. No Copyright Infringement Intended. Disclaimer

If you are a graphic artist that does not want their work adapted into stationeries/letters, kindly contact me and I will remove the letter I made from this collection immediately. I respect artwork and I do link to the graphic artist’s website if I know who the author is.

Feel free to use these as you please… since each email you send will automatically have a link to on the bottom, this is a great tool to spread EB awareness.

To download these letters, simply click on the one you would like and it will automatically insert itself in your Incredimail stylebox.

Incredimail EB Awareness
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