Junctional Clinical Pictures


Before you scroll down, please be forewarned that this page includes several pictures of wounds related to the ‘Junctional’ form of EB. These are not pretty pictures. They are up on this site to give family, friends, and people in general an idea of how brutal EB is to
every child afflicted with this dreadful condition.

These pictures are NOT public domain. They are not intended to be posted elsewhere on the web. Thank you for understanding.


The following pictures are of patients with the
Junctional Non-Herlitz form of EB.


Above: Faith’s ankle and leg
Below: Faith’s legs

 For more clinical pictures of Children with JEB-NH, click here to see more pictures of Faith


Above & Below, pictures of the hands and feet of a 4-year old little boy.


Above is a clinical photo of little Brittany at birth.


The following pictures are of patients with the  ‘Junctional Herlitz’ form of EB.

Above: A baby girl’s scalp a month after it
was damaged.

If you would like to submit photos for this page relating to the Junctional form of EB, please LIKE the EB Info World Facebook page and look under INFO for the email address to send the photos to OR simply leave a comment below with your contact info and I will contact you! <3


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