Living with Epidermolysis Bullosa

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Living with Epidermolysis Bullosa (Paperback)

Compiled by Silvia Corradin, edited by Brenda G.

Living with Epidermolysis Bullosa has first-hand accounts written by parents and patients who are living or have lived with EB, and was compiled to help people in general understand how it is like to truly live with every form of Epidermolysis Bullosa; from the milder Simplex variants, who are nonetheless not simple to live with, to the more lethal, namely Junctional, whose patients usually succumb to before their first birthday. The stories you will read are from proud parents, or patients and their struggles and how they are coping. Some stories are sad, some are encouraging, and everything in between.

This book is also available directly from the Publisher and also as a paperback at both Amazon & B&N and is also available in the iBookstore in iTunes, and for the Kindle.

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