Everyone Belongs

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Everyone Belongs by Dennis Vanasse M. ED.

Meet Ryan. He is just like you and me, except that he suffers from a rare skin disorder called EB. Because of this disorder, Ryan experiences painful blisters, his skin peels off, and infections occur on a daily basis. Rather than feeling sorry for himself, Ryan’s goal is to make others aware that people with EB are just like you and me. Ryan loves talking on the phone, playing with friends who give him a chance, painting, singing, writing stories and playing chess. Despite his fragile skin, Ryan is truly a strong and spirited gift to the world, as he shares his inspirational story.

Dennis Vanasse was born in Mystic, CT and is the second oldest of eight children. He graduated from Anna Maria College in 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and received his Masters of Education in Special Education from Fitchburg State University in 1997. He is currently the Director of the Student Success Center and an Adjunct Professor at Anna Maria College. In addition, Dennis is a special education department head at Sough High Community School in Worcester, MA. Dennis is also the author of “I Am Special Too” and Stand Tall against Bullying. He lives in Worcester with his wife, Kerrie, and his four children: Sarah 14, Katie 13, Matthew 11, and Tommy 8. Dennis’ passion is working with special needs children.

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