My take-away from the Debra’s PCC in Orlando – Part 5

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Here is more information about several talks from the conference from July 31, 2012:

Anesthesia for your child with Epidermolysis Bullosa & Interdisciplinary EB care

These two talks, which I will bunch up together simply because I don’t remember a whole lot from them separately, were done by Dr. Eric Wittkugel & Dr. Anne Lucky, both from Cincinnati’s Children Hospital. The only two notes I wrote down were to, one, look up ‘Mepitac‘, which is a tape that can be used for EB patients (does it work for RDEB? They say it does, I am always a little weary of it, but I am willing to try it) and, two, the duration of anesthesia is not a problem, there is no risk in case a patient needs to be ‘under’ longer for multiple procedures.

Other than that, I will let the slides do the talking, hopefully they will help someone. Remember to click on the slides to view a bigger version…

All of these slides are from the Anesthesia presentation, I found THIS PDF document online from Stanford with more info about Anesthesia that relates to EB.

Here is the videos of these presentations courtesy of Debra:

Dr. Lucky’s presentation is available ONLINE at this link HERE! (you will need a Google account to view, but it’s FREE) Basically, Interdisciplinary EB care means having everyone that is an expert of EB, from the dermatologist to the GI, hand surgeons and more under one roof.

Following these two talks there was a Physical and Occupational panel Q&A.  One question that comes to mind was from a therapist asking if she could use coban with the finger wrapping between web spaces and them stating coban was just too harsh on RDEB skin (which I agree-when Coban touches Nicky’s skin it’s blister city, so I only use it on top of bandages). My two questions were if there were any oils they could recommend to soften scar tissue and what exercises with an exercise ball amazon they could recommend to improve bone density since Nicky can hardly walk. The first question about the oil, they did not have any recommendations, except for just massaging the hand, which is hard to do when it’s full of wounds. As per the bone density question, she stated that at least standing is important, so Nicky has been standing as much as he can since I told him, bless his heart! Another suggestion I got is to get a vibration platform, that it could be rented etc. By talking to other parents and doing a little web search , I found out that Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, and I am trying this Argan Oil, all soften scar tissue. I soak his hand in these oils before rewrapping them.

Here is the video of the presentation, courtesy of Debra of America:

Here is the presentation for OT & PT at the 2010 Conference:

Medical and Integrative Approaches to the Management of Pain and Itch in EB

This talk was probably one of the most important of the entire conference. It was given by Dr. John Saroyan & Dr. Traci Stein. I mostly took photos of the slides because they were SO IMPORTANT and I did not want to miss a beat.

This talked about the various drugs that can be used depending of what form of EB, drugs used to subside itching and the issues with constipation.
So, once again, I will let the slides do the talking. Remember to click on the slides to view a bigger version…

If anyone has any info I might have missed, please leave a comment below (in the Facebook comment section).  THANK YOU!

Update August 15th, 2012: I found more notes about this latest talk about Pain Management that I think are worth sharing. The Doctor spoke about different ways to reduce pain, such as trance inducing activities, relaxation techniques, pleasant scents… for more information she stated to contact her at her website:

Here is the video of the presentation, courtesy of Debra:

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