EB Awareness

EB Awareness has been on the fore-front of this website’s existence. When my son was born in late 1996, there was NOTHING on the Internet about EB. No doctor was able to shed the light on many questions I had until the insurance approved a visit to Stanford, which was, and still is, one of the very few EB clinics in this country. I could not even find anyone online as far as that goes. One of my first contacts of another EB mom would not happen until Nicky was several months old. This, in essence is the reason why this website exists.

I have made several tags you can use ‘as is’ or you can customize with your name. The link to the album where the tags themselves are is on Facebook, and that link is HERE  and I also personalized a few (back when I had time to do so) which I uploaded on my Fotki Page-if you’re lucky, your name is there, if not, boo. Sorry! Maybe at some point I will start again. Keep your fingers crossed that it will happen soon! Right not it’s just impossible.

Please feel free to use any and all tags in any way you’d like. THANK YOU!

Here’s more ways you can help raise EB Awareness…

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