Making Goals and Dreams Come True

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By Bruce Gunn

As printed in the Summer 2000 issue of DebRA Currents

Bruce Gunn in DisneyWorld!

Bruce Gunn in February 2000 in DisneyWorld during the ‘Have a Heart for EB’ family event.  

During my teenage years I knew I was beating the odds given to me at birth. With every birthday I was achieving the impossible.
In high school I was treated fairly equal to everyone else, needing few adjustments to make getting around easier. Getting out of each class five minutes early to be on time for the next class and drinking soda toward the end of the day, kept me from being tired for the last class and improved my attention capabilities. Both were small changes in my schedule that made a big difference in my school success.
I knew that after graduation I would be able to work, but did not know what I would do. My special education teacher was a great source of encouragement for me, telling me I could drive and live independently. It was in her class that I first used a computer, giving me direction for work.
Graduation was an important milestone in my life. At the time of graduation, 1986, I was 19 years old but still looked like a little boy. I proceeded into Vocational Rehabilitation to help me find a job. I was placed with Janus Developmental Services, Inc., a workplace for mentally and physically handicapped adults. Janus brings in work from area businesses for the clients to work on for a paycheck. After hand surgery in the fall of 1986, I was able to begin work at Janus in the spring of 1987. I started at a workshop in Tipton, Indiana, a small workshop with about 20 clients working.
I knew I wanted a job with computers and was able to work making computer labels for Fisher’s Guide. The job consisted of receiving orders from Fisher’s Guide on when the labels needed to be run, description and part number of what they were. These labels consisted of all sorts of part numbers and descriptions. We had to make sure we had the right label format and I needed to just learn the ropes of something new