Jenn’s Story

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By Jennifer Kirk Deprizio

Jenn in the hospital right after she was born

Once upon a time. There was this baby girl that was born in 1979 in Wilmington Delaware. She had all of her fingers and toes, but there was something not right with her skin, because she had no skin on her left leg and also no skin on her stomach, and she had some blisters.
The Doctors did not know what this was until they had the Doctors come from A.I. Dupont Institute for Children in Wilmington, Delaware. It took the Doctors three days to diagnose her with Epidermolysis Bullosa, EB for short.

I bet you would love to know her name the little precious baby is Jennifer. This was not English when they told her Mother Joanne Deprizio and her father Richard and her Grandmother. After they diagnosed Jennifer with EB, she was in the hospital for 3 or 4 months in isolation to guard against infection, so they could teach Jennifers mother how to take care of the wounds that Jenn had and the blisters that would appear after a slight bump or scrap of the skin. Her skin is very fragile.
The nurses where really good about teaching Jennifers mother how to change the bandages and keep the wounds nice and clean.

A year had pasted and Jennifer was going to have a little sister. She was born in the same town and the same hospital that Jennifer was born in. The Doctors where afraid that Jodi would have EB as well, but she did not, that was good news for the Deprizio family.

One year later the girls mother Joanne was pregnant with her son Anthony, by a different father. So she had three kids to take care of. Nothing much was said about Anthonys father. Joanne was a very busy mother. She had 3 babies and to top it all off she had one with a very rare skin disorder and had to teach herself a lot about Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) for short. jenn with snowman She had to constantly watch her and change her bandages everyday. Joanne had to grind her food because Jennifer could barely swallow food. Keep in mind that this was before DebRA was founded, so there was no one to help Joanne.

Photo: Jenn